Why Ad Budgets Must Reflect Buyers’ Shopping Patterns! Part 3

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July 19, 2016

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Last month, this article on putting together an advertising budget from BOC Partners founder Britain O’Connor originally appeared in an issue of New Jersey Auto Retailers/NJ Car Magazine. Before you get into part three, be sure to check out both part one and part two, which were posted earlier last week!


nj auto teaser - boc partnersLet’s return to the question we began with: ‘How do we best invest our monthly advertising budget?’ In other words, what can we do to spur consumers to take an action and become customers?


My best answer: Stop trying to dictate shopping habits according to some conceptual divide between Traditional and Digital or Mobile and Desktop or Branding and Conquest. You do not possess the power. Put your customers first. Good data, inquisitiveness, and commons sense can tell you more than just where your customers are, but how they shop. Marry insight with relevant content and you will craft a better shopping experience. Simply put, happier customers lead to more sales. Finally, be sure to temper kneejerk reactions with a little patience.



The modern world of marketing affords advertisers the opportunity to reach their customers and prospective customers across a wide variety of mediums. Innovative dealerships aren’t holding digital spend to traditional ROAS (return on ad spend) and vice versa. The future is here: Cross Channel and Cross Device. Your customers are shopping (or at least considering) all the time – whether they are at home on watching TV, in the car listening to radio, at work on their desktop, between meetings on their mobile devices, or at the beach on their tablets. Dealers that take a holistic one-path approach have a distinctive advantage. Those relying on the old traditional/digital splits, will be left behind.   Marketing, particularly in a hyper-local world, is fluid by nature as are the shopping habits of your customers. Adapt or die. And yes, it also helps if the planets align.