Google Analytics 360 Suite – Advanced Segments For Your Analysis

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June 16, 2016

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BOC Partners InfographicBOC Partners is so excited to introduce you to some of our favorite features of Google Analytics 360 Suite. Welcome to the final part five of five of our series on Google Analytics 360 Suite – Advanced Segments For Your Analysis! And don’t forget to check out part one, part two, part three and part four of our series, too!


Segments within Google Analytics are a great way of comparing information about your clients through different parameters. For example, say you want to determine specific behaviors regarding both your mobile and desktop users. You could segment that information out and not only compare their information to the page’s users as a whole, but against one another as well. And since segments are created on the user level, all of your segments can be accessed by anyone viewing the analytics. Your segments are also retroactive, so you can start and stop tracking the segment at any time, but not lose the information. Where as Google Analytics already offers various pre-existing segments (such as new vs. returning users, device type, traffic type, etc.), you can also create custom or advanced segments to draw further insights from the data, personalized in the way you want.


Advanced segments allow you to gain even more specific information already provided by the segments in Google Analytics by splitting up those original segments even further. If we continue with our original example, you could create an advanced segment of your mobile user data to determine the amount of new mobile users, and then create another segment to track the same information for just your desktop users. The more detailed insights you can have about your customer, the more successful you can be marketing directly to them.