Retargeting – Are You Doing It Right?

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June 28, 2016

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boc partners retargetingLast week we talked about retargeting, its purpose and effectiveness. This week we’d like to focus on several retargeting tactics to consider…


One of these tactics is your retargeting parameters.


Will you be retargeting to anyone who has visited your homepage/landing page regardless of their time spent on your site or level of engagement? Will you set your targeting filters to only retarget those visitors who spent x amount of time on your website, visited x amount of pages? Or will you chose to utilize qualifying filters where you only retarget to those who have a certain minimum level of engagement? How well your retargeting works depends on the parameters you set for it.


The second most important tactic is segmentation.


It is important to segment user behavior (as stated above) as well as their interaction with the specific content that they interacted with. You wouldn’t be trying to have someone fill out a lead for more information on hip replacements if they were looking at rhinoplasty, same as you wouldn’t be trying to retarget someone who looked at engagement rings with an ad for wedding anniversary jewelry. On the contrary, if you own a car dealership and a visitor looked at services, it might be wise to try and retarget them with a new car offer.


This brings us to the third tactic – message strategy.


Every unique visitor has a different story to tell and each advertising message should speak to that specific behavior. It makes a lot more sense to hit a user with a stronger offer if they had abandoned their shopping cart than one who has just interacted for a few seconds with one page of your site.


Finally, the fourth tactic is the offer.


When the visitor has interacted only briefly, we want to remain at the forefront of their shopping experience with relevant and creative messages that are brand or service oriented. In the case of a visitor who has interacted with your shopping cart and then abandoned it before checking out, we need to be retargeting with an offer oriented creative in order to drive immediate, direct response. The bottom line is to have a clear call-to-action for your prospective clients to follow. A strong retargeting campaign would utilize all these tactics based on where the visitor falls upon their engagement level, segmentation and a clear offer. In marketing, there is never one way of presenting your relevancy in front of a potential consumer. It is imperative to nurture visitors through the conversion funnel with a custom process relevant to your type of business, whether it is a type of service, showroom, lead generation or e-commerce.