What You Need To Know About Email Marketing!

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August 9, 2016

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Email database marketing is perhaps the most inexpensive way to reach the widest conquest audience.  It also has one of the highest ROIs.


So how can so many people be misusing such a great opportunity for getting new customers?

BOC Partners email marketing


Some of the most common mistakes include having headlines with an over-hyped sense of urgency, emailing too often, and not having headlines that are relevant to the message of the email. When you think about it, a good email marketing campaign has to be aware of the faults of clickbait, and provide informative content to your database.


We here at New Jersey advertising agency BOC Partners know how to strike the delicate balance between reaching the best pre-qualified audience and targeting your message properly.


We are also acutely aware of the challenge of making a powerful presentation and staying on-message, because, like any good digital advertising agency, we believe the goal is to begin the communication to build a long-term customer relationship. And according to a recent study by SocialTwist, 50.8 percent of online referrals who became new customers for leading brands and companies were reached by email. These are the people you want to reach!


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