Why Retargeting Works!

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June 20, 2016

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If you own a business website then you have unique visitors who can and should be retargeted. Now you may be wondering – what is retargeting exactly? retargeting BOC PartnersRetargeting is presenting your unique visitor with a paid ad solution until that visitor performs a desired goal. This desired goal could be anything from submitting a lead, coming to your showroom, watching your webinar, to making a purchase. For example, when someone visits your website, their cookie is gathered. At a later point in time, as they are browsing the web, they are presented with your ad once again. How is this done? With a simple code placed on your website.


Why is retargeting important?


It is vital because this tactic allows you to nurture and convert people who have already visited your website. These people have already shown interest in your business, now it is critical to present them with a reminder about you and keep your brand top of mind. It is also necessary to present these visitors with the right message, and a strong offer to have them convert/complete your desired goal.


Why is retargeting so effective?


Retargeting generates better online conversions, keeping your brand at the forefront of the visitors browsing experience, bringing them back at their leisure, when they are ready to continue their interaction with your website. Every time that visitor sees your ads it drives more traction and recognition to your brand. If you found this piece insightful be on the lookout for our follow-up piece on Retargeting Tactics!