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BOC Partners is an advertising agency with 1 simple goal: producing advertising that generates sales.

Our ad campaigns combine creative prowess with precisely-planned ad placement across digital & traditional media platforms.

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Located in the biggest advertising market in the country.

Proving What Works
and What Doesn’t

The world of advertising has been bolstered by the ever-increasing ability to track the performance of investments. BOC adheres to strict tracking practices and keeps clients in the loop at all times.

3rd Party, Unbiased Reporting.

BOC continuously uses traditional practices to track all digital advertisements and provides monthly analysis of investments and website performance. All reports are shared with the client and are an integral part in establishing ongoing strategies to optimize ad budgets.

BOC Partners

Event & Goals Tracking

At BOC Partners, our job is to make sure potential prospects are going through the intended customer journey. Regardless of the offer being made, you need to make sure each and everyone goes through the right steps in completing the task at hand, be it a form submission, download, phone call, sign-up/registration, shopping cart check-out, or a transaction. BOC will help you to:

  • Determine the important consumer events that need to be taken specific to your business.
  • Set goals that document customer interaction with your business.
  • Track goal completions by traffic source to conclude which ad solutions work best for your business.

You want to understand how prospects are interacting with your business and where you need to focus your advertising. We provide you with the opportunities to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

Budget Tracking

We recognize the importance of spending your money wisely and using your budget efficiently. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars a day, a week, a month on their marketing budgets without realizing what they’re getting and how much money they may be wasting. You need to ensure that what you are buying is effective.

Working in marketing for over 25 years, we know exactly what ad solutions your business needs to improve your business. We will work with you and make sure you are putting your money where it returns the greatest benefit.


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