Public Relations Lessons to be Learned from Tiger Woods’ Mistakes

It can take years to build a brand, but minutes to destroy it. Brand spokespeople can be a brand’s own worst enemy by inadvertently inflicting wounds that could lead to the brand’s untimely demise. Luckily, the American public is quite forgiving. You just have to go about it the right way. This requires some public […]

Social Media as Public Relations

Companies have been told that using social media as a means of public relations is beneficial in the long run, but ROI might take a little while since networking on social media sites like Facebook or MySpace is all about establishing relationships. Online marketing consultants observe that many internet marketing professionals are hesitant about investing […]

Google Favorite Places Ups the Ante

Google does it again with Google:  Favorite Places.  It’s online marketing and mobile marketing combined into one.  Now customers can access your business reviews simply by taking a picture of a coded box on their cellphones. Ultimate synergy!  Check it out: [youtube=]

Email Advertising Co-Registration Do’s and Don’t’s

While maintaining email advertising lists and creating a strategy during a down economy, don’t overlook co-registration. Co-registration is an arrangements between companies to collect user information for purposes of email advertising. Usually this would be a separate check-box on a Web signup form where the user can opt-in to receive messages from a third-party. Such […]