Eye Catching Billboards

On any long trip down the highway you’re bound to see a number of billboards and at some point the billboards you see begin to blur together. After seeing billboard number eight you tend to forget about the first four you saw. That’s why it is important in outdoor advertising to create clever, eye catching […]

Phone vs Conquest: BOC Advertising Keyword Terms

There is a saying at the advertising agency BOC Partners; focus on the conquest and leave the phonebook behind. This refers to keyword targeting within the online advertising industry. Here at BOC Partners, there are two types of keywords: Phone Book and Conquest. The phone book keywords are terms that include the business’s name. For […]

The Capabilities of Analytic Reports with BOC Partners, an Advertising Agency

Most businesses focus on just getting visitors to websites. But in all honesty, there is more to it. Businesses need people and vistors to actually convert and therefore become an actual sale. The way most businesses get a conversion is through some form of a call to action such as an online questionnaire, a view […]