Retargeting – Are You Doing It Right?

Last week we talked about retargeting, its purpose and effectiveness. This week we’d like to focus on several retargeting tactics to consider…   One of these tactics is your retargeting parameters.   Will you be retargeting to anyone who has visited your homepage/landing page regardless of their time spent on your site or level of […]

Marketing Metrics… And How Their Insights Can Help Your Business!

Before you step into your analytics, the most important thing is to understand what you’re looking at. Different metrics can give you different information about your business, and BOC Partners is happy to show how you how important it is to understand all of the insight these metrics can offer you!   Marketing Metrics – […]

Why Retargeting Works!

If you own a business website then you have unique visitors who can and should be retargeted. Now you may be wondering – what is retargeting exactly? Retargeting is presenting your unique visitor with a paid ad solution until that visitor performs a desired goal. This desired goal could be anything from submitting a lead, […]

Google Analytics 360 Suite – Advanced Segments For Your Analysis

BOC Partners is so excited to introduce you to some of our favorite features of Google Analytics 360 Suite. Welcome to the final part five of five of our series on Google Analytics 360 Suite – Advanced Segments For Your Analysis! And don’t forget to check out part one, part two, part three and part four of our series, too! […]