Traditional print marketing nowadays is seen by online marketing companies as a dying breed. So is print marketing fading away into obscurity to one day meet up with the lazer discs and 8-track players in media heaven? Of course not. Print marketing will always have its place in the world because of the experience it provides. There is nothing quite like reading the paper and eating breakfast before you start your day. Now I understand that some people would like to make the argument that a person can enjoy breakfast and read the news at their computer as well. However, before you prove me wrong I’d like to invite you to turn your keyboard upside-down and shake the crumbs out. Messy keyboards aside, many people, young and old, enjoy reading traditional print for many reasons. Some say it’s a lot easier to read off paper then a screen, others treat it as a relaxing activity, but whatever the case I find it hard to see print  vanish any time soon. Traditional print also offers a number of advantages in marketing. First off it provides immediate reach and scale that online marketing can sometimes lack. It also tends to provide more information and detail as oppose to a 140 character snip of an article that you may find online. Print marketing also has an easier time portraying a  brand or campaign in a memorable way, while online marketing continues to experiment with the different methods.