BOC Partners; an elite advertising agency located in Westfield, New Jersey, was successful in scheduling the February radio content for The Globe Mercedes Benz Company. As one of  NJ’s top Mercedes dealerships Globe Motor Car was interested in increasing their traffic through radio advertisement and turned to BOC Partners to make that possible. BOC Partners utilized its connections to various radio stations and ultimately settled on 95.5 WPLJ to air their clients commercials.  The deal included radio advertisements during programing such as, Scott & Todd In the Morning, The Race Taylor Show, The John Foxx Show, and numerous hours during the weekend music programing. Prospective customers will be exposed to Globe Mercedes’ content seven days a week at varying times during the day. The final sale made by Globe Mercedes gave them 15% more radio advertisements than would have been offered by another advertising agency. Globe Mercedes was pleased after signing its February contract with BOC Partners because they know that NJ radio advertisements are vital to their sales and altert prospective customers to the newest deals and promotions.