Just when you thought that print advertising was down for the count, it comes back swinging hard.  With new and innovative forms of interactive advertising, print advertising will be the unlikely competitor of the Internet.  As new technologies emerge, traditional media advertising will merge with online advertising in creative and engaging ways. Technology, such as mobile phones, is taking print advertising off the page and into the realm of interactivity.  One such example is how consumers can now use their camera phones to take pictures of print ads and text them in return for promos, such as coupons or video clips.  An advertising campaing like this was used to market this summer’s film “X-Men Origins:  Wolverine”. Another form of interactive print advertising is Microsoft’s upcoming ad campaign with Ford to market the new Ford Taurus SHO.  Microsoft will allow consumers to scan certain tags with embedded codes, and the codes will link consumers to certain microsites. The new level of interactivity in print advertising will immerse and engage consumers in a much more profound way, not to mention a much longer time-span as well.  Print publishers who have been losing the fight to online publishers will now be able to compete for their share of the market.  Maybe this is a cue for other forms of traditional media advertising to update their techniques as well.  Instead of competing with online marketing, they can be complementary to it.